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The special offer of accommodation

Dormitories § Refectories of Charles University offer the accommodation in Prague, Hradec Králové, Plzeň and Brandýs nad Labem for a favourable price.

Price list 2017/2018

Catalog of Dormitories

Double room in student residence Švehlova

Multiple room in student residence Větrník

Discount for groups ( from 10 pax) and travel agencies

Discount for ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, EURO 26, SCHOLAR, GO25 and ZTP

Discount for long-term accommodation.

We offer accommodation for school trips on the residence hall Hvezda and Na Větrníku in Prague 6.

IT is quiet and safe location and they have a very reasonable price. There are multiple rooms which can be used by families with children. There are sports facilities in the nearby park Landronka or interesting walk Hvězda park.

Reservation for groups - booking or special offers and discounts is possible only trough central booking department ( contacts below).

Phone numbers:

+420 770 141 703

+420 770 141 704

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