Possible discount or termination of accommodation contract while crisis

The due date was till 31st March, we are not able to provide with discount after the set date

Because of current crisis the crisis team had accepted following decision regarding accommodation.

1.) A student staying in the Halls of Residence of Charles University can immediately terminate the Accommodation Agreement without a penalty from 20th March 2020 until 31st March 2020 at the latest. Halls of Residence will not guarantee any bed in case of renewal of the 2019/2020 school year, or reservations for 2020/2021. Termination of the Accommodation Agreement means a proper termination of accommodation in accordance with the applicable accommodation rules and regulations.

2.) A student staying in a dormitory or staying away from a dormitory may physically leave the accommodation / dormitory by 31st March 2020 at the latest, leaving his / her personal belongings in the room. When leaving the dormitory, he / she will leave the keys in the accommodation office / if the key cannot be returned due to staying away from the dormitory or abroad, the room will be sealed. During this period, KaM will charge approximately 15% of the accommodation price until the student will move back into the dormitory. During this period of time the student cannot enter the dormitory. Entering the room will be considered a particularly serious violation of ethical and KaM regulations. In case of breach of this measure, the Accommodation Agreement with the student will be terminated immediately. The student will be put on the Black List and his application for accommodation at any KaM UK dormitory will be automatically rejected.

3.) Students who remain living in dormitories of Charles University continue to pay the full price, ie. standard price of accommodation according to valid standard accommodation rate.

4.) These conditions of termination of the Accommodation Agreement (point 1) cannot be applied retroactively. Furthermore, these conditions do not apply to those students who can be reimbursed for early termination of dormitory accommodation in another form (e.g. force majeure for some foreign students receiving scholarships – such as Erasmus+ – and also where this is covered by insurance).

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