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1 September 2020

We would like you to know that all university accommodation is managed in line with the latest government COVID-19 guidance and advice.

Effective from September 21st, 2020 all persons travelling from countries that are not on the list of the countries with a low risk of contagion have the obligation to contact the regional hygienic station according to the place of stay before their arrival. Electronic form is available here: Public Health Passanger Locator Form. This form has to be submitted also during the border control or the controls during the stay in the territory. Arriving persons are obliged to undergo a PCR test in the Czech Republic within 5 days from the arrival. If the persons do not submit a PCR test result to the respective hygienic station within 7 days from the arrival, a necessary quarantine measure shall be ordered.

It will also be possible to submit a PCR test result that was issued by other EU member country. This document have to be delivered to the respective hygienic station immediately after the arrival and cannot be older than 72 hours. This rule applies to the Czech citizens, EU citizens and third-country nationals with a long-term or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic or other EU country.

Third-country nationals with a proven long-lasting relationship with the EU citizen (who must have a certificate of temporary residence or permanent residence permit in CZE) will be allowed to enter the CZE. For obtaining an authorisation of the Ministry of Foreign affairs it is necessary to submit a declaration of honour of partnership download here.

On September 11th, the Ministry of Health updated the list of countries with a low risk of Covid-19. As announced earlier, Canary Islands will be excluded from the list as of September 14th, 2020. On the contrary, Romania was included in the list again. There is an obligation to be tested after arrival for workers and students from France, Romania, Luxembourg, Malta and Spain.

The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are defined by the Ministry of Health

List of countries with a low risk of COVID-19 contagion is here If you are arriving from low risk countries, you do not need to be isolated or provide us with negative PCR COVID-19 test.

All students arriving from countries with high risk of COVID-19 needs to eneter the country with negative test of COVID-19 or to have undergo PCR test within 72 hrs after arrival to Czech republic. After 14 days students need to get second test.

While 1st negative COVID-19 test, student needs to be isolated (do not leave your room). While 2nd negative test result, there are some restrictions on free movement. Student is alowed to visit the university education, visit the doctor, go shopping etc. (student is not alowed to go to any cultural or social mass events).

24th August 2020 press release of Ministry of Health of the Czech republic - Extraordinary measure shortens quarantine to ten days - you will find the full text here

If your COVID-19 test is possitive do not hesitate to contact us immediately at: koleje.bounce@kam.cuni.cz

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