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Sustainable dormitories and refectories

Our ideas how to work towards green dormitories and refectories

Renewable energy:

- Optimalization of ventilation and heating of building managemetn systems

- Instalation of automatic movement sensors to swich off lights in hallways

- Turn PCs off or into stand-by mode when idle

- Led lights in hallways

Gardening, landscape and biodiversity:

- Setting campus gardens with herbs and an insect hotel

- Flower meadow - our Butterfly meadow at Hvezda dormitory

- Planting new trees

Clean water:

- Water refill stations - at 17. listopad dormitory find out more here about year 2019

- Instalation of water saving devices in toilets and tabs


- Recycle stations in each dormitory for waste recycling (how to recycle find out here)


- Electric car at menza, for food delivery

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