Vegan food

All of our vegan meals are made from natural ingredients, without dairy, meat or other animal ingredients. We only cook with products that meet the standards and we put emphasis on quality. We use ingredients that are completely allergen-free and focused on sustainability. The chefs prepare their own seitan and vegan mayonnaise. In addition to cooking, the chefs have received training on why meatless food is not a full substitute for meat. How to work with TOFU, introduction to other allergen-free ingredients (peas, allergen-free cream will be part of the meal).

Here are a few key foods we use in the preparation of our meals:

The ideal vegan alternative to classic cheese, whose distinctive taste and aroma will appeal to everyone. Purely vegetable recipe based on coconut oil, gluten and lactose free. Enriched with vitamin B12.

This alternative cream made from lentil protein and vegetable oils allows for versatile use in hot and cold dishes.

Soy is one of the most popular sources of vegetable protein. It contains all the essential amino acids and is also an important source of calcium and fibre. Despite its high nutrient content, tofu contains very few calories and is therefore suitable for a reduction diet.

Come and taste our vegan food in our canteens. You can find our daily menu here

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