Laundry services

1.. Price for services provided once

Washing machine - laundry 15,-CZK (30min)

Dryer - laundry drying 12,-CZK (30min)

Vacuum cleaner rental 5,-

Rental fee iron 5,-

2. Price for long-term services CZK/month

Internet (fixed connection) - free data transfer 100,-

3. Price for long-term rental of KaM/Marital College property CZK/month

Rental fee bed with mattress 1pc 100,-

Rental fee table+chair set (1pc table+ 2pc chairs) 100,-

Rental fee 1 chair (can be rented only with table+chair set) 50,-

The prices include the applicable VAT rate.

This measure shall enter into force on the date of its issue and take effect on 1 December 2023.

This measure repeals Director's Measure No. 21/2015.

Last change: November 30, 2023 15:53 
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