Overview of refectories


Since the 25th of May 2020 included are all refectories and canteens opened except the Refectory Šafránkův pavilon (Plzeň), Canteen Lidická (Plzeň) and Students club Celetná – SKC.

Refectory Právnická

Refectory Arnošta z Pardubic

Refectory Albertov

Refectory Budeč

Refectory Kajetánka

Canteen Komenského

Refectory Sport

Canteen Jinonice

Refectory Troja

Refectory Šafránkův Pavilon v Plzni

Refecotry Na Kotli v Hradci Králové

Refectory Hostivař Closed

Refecotry Jednota closed for technical reasons

Opening hours



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