Necessary information and price list



Procedure for Foreign Students Confirming Accommodation at the Halls of Residence at Charles University

Directorś Provision No. 3/2017

Time schedule – Accommodation in the dormitories of Charles University,valid in the academic year 2017/2018

Standard price list for students 2017/2018

Payment Procedure 2017/2018 of the long term depostit of CZK 1800,-

Instructions for the payment of the standard price of accommodation in Charles University dormitories 2017/2018


Accommodation agreement

General terms and conditions of accommodation in the dormitories of Charles University (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”)  

Accommodation agreement 2017/2018

Transfer protocol for the room

Price of accommodation and services related to accommodation

1. The price of accommodation is the payment of the standard price for the accommodation in the relevant dormitory, based on the valid price list of the provider, and prices for additional services. The price of services bundled with the accommodation is already included in the standard accommodation price, set by the valid price list of the provider.

2. The services bundled with the accommodation are specified as follows:

a) heating, supply of hot and cold water and electric power, and gas if available

b) change of bedclothes 2x per calendar month

c) cleaning of shared areas and disposal of house waste

d) reception services, while the downtime (i.e. temporary discontinuity of service) due to failure or force majeure doesn’t entitle the client for a discount from the accommodation price.

3. Additional services include the use of the pre-installed internet terminal socket, use of the client’s own appliances, etc.

4. The price list of the accommodation provider is published on the official board of the dormitory, and on the provider’s website

We would like to emphasize and inform students about the new housing prices in effect from the next academic year 2017/2018 Interest you been pricing in prices of accommodation as much more transparent, simpler and closer to the competition. Current prices are divided into two categories and prices for the school year and for the academic year. KaM hoping that this step will calculate the price for students greatly simplified, and further, that the students come return for short-term accommodation. Dormitory accommodation can currently a student at very reasonable prices and take advantage of students who still do not live on campus, but they need to sleep because of exams, university events just a couple of nights during the year. This step is based KaM accommodate all the students who want to fully enjoy student life.

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