Housing assistant

Do you know that we have our housing assistant at your dormitory?

Are you a new incomer and need some help with orientation in the dormitory?

Need to know where to find dormitory facilities such as gym, laundry room, and piano room or study room?

On the other hand, you just want to report any technical problem in your room or shared facilities and do not know how to do it.

Do out hesitate to contact our housing assistant and ask for any help or advice.

You may find them on facebook:

Na Veterniku dormitory: Pomocnik Vetrnik

Otava a Vltava dormitory: Housing Assistant - Koleje Otava a Vltava

or by email:

Hostivař dormitory: koleje.hostivar@gmail.com

17.listopadu (Troja) dormitory: kolej.17listopadu@gmail.com

Kajetanka dormitory: assistant.kajetanka@gmail.com

Svehlova dormitory: kolej.svehlova@gmail.com

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