Housing Assistants


Your Trusted Guides

Housing Assistants are students just like you, only more experienced when to navigating and troubleshooting the life at your residence hall. From the moment you step in, they are here to ensure your smooth transition into the student community.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Are you a new arrival with a head full of questions? Where to find the nearest gym, laundry room, piano room, or the perfect study spot? Housing Assistants have all the answers!

Dorm Trouble? No Worries

Got a room or facility issue? Anything from bed sheets to a hole in the wall, our Housing Assistants will help you to report and resolve all the possible difficulties. Just to ask!

How to Reach Out

Don't hesitate to connect with our Housing Assistants. You can find the right contact via the link in the profile of your residence hall below or at the reception via the QR code.

NOTICE: Komenského dormitory and the residence halls in Hradec Kralové, Plzeň, and Brandýs nad Labem currently do not have a dedicated Housing Assistant. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Last change: March 11, 2024 13:46 
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