Measure taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Measures of Dormitories of Charles University

Measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rules for quarantine in the dormitories of Charles University

In connection with the spread of the novel virus COVID-19, the resolutions and decisions of the Government of the Czech Republic, and the measures of the Ministry of Health, I hereby issue the following measure.

I. Increased hygiene measures at the dormitories of the Dormitories and Canteens of Charles University (D&C CU)

In order to prevent the spread of the virus in the dormitories of the D&C CU, the following increased hygiene measures have been adopted in the dormitories of the D&C CU:

a) In accordance with the cleaning standards, the common areas of the dormitories will be cleaned with viricidal disinfectants, in particular, the entrance halls, the lifts, the stairways, the common kitchens, and the shared bathrooms and toilets. In particular, the frequency for the cleaning of surfaces with disinfectants will increase, especially for surfaces such as handles, stair railings, elevators, etc.

b) According to possibilities and availability, there will be stands at the entrances of dormitories with hand sanitizer,

c) All persons accommodated in the dormitories of the D&C CU using the common areas of the dormitories will wear a protective mask covering their nose and mouth and will also practice increased hygiene, especially the washing of hands. In addition, they will practice physical distancing from other people of a minimum of two metres,

d) Persons accommodated in the dormitories of the D&C CU will not gather in the common areas of the dormitories (e.g. common kitchenettes, hallways on the dormitory floors, etc.) or in the rooms of accommodated students.

II. Mandatory quarantine

1. Mandatory quarantine for persons who come from affected areas or for persons with symptoms of the disease:

a.) All persons who come from countries affected by the virus COVID-19, i.e. from abroad outside the Czech Republic, have a mandatory two-week quarantine period, and any violation is subject to a penalty of up to three million crowns, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Public Health. These persons are required to contact their physician by telephone or in writing.

b.) Persons who show symptoms of COVID-19, even minor symptoms (increased body temperature 37.5 degrees, difficulties breathing, dry cough, muscle aches, joint pain, migraines). Quarantine is mandatory even if the accommodated person was not in an affected area specified in point a.

2. Persons defined in point a are required to announce their arrival to the accommodation office of the respective dormitory as least three (3) days before arriving at the dormitory. It is recommended to spend the mandatory quarantine:

a.) Primarily at one’s home residence (i.e. not at the dormitories of the D&C UK),

b.) At the dormitories of the D&C UK only in absolutely necessary and justified cases in specially prepared quarantine rooms in selected accommodation facilities.

3. All persons coming from abroad or persons who are accommodated in the dormitories of the D&C UK, regardless of whether they have come into contact with an infected person or a person who has returned from affected areas abroad, and show symptoms of COVID-19, however slight they may be, must immediately announce this to the dormitory manager by telephone or at the following e-mail address: The accommodated person packs only the most necessary personal items and waits for additional instructions for being transferred to quarantine. The accommodated person immediately contacts their general practitioner or a hygienic station at the extension 1212 or the phone number +420 773 782 856 or +420 773 782 850.

4. Persons placed in quarantine are required to keep the quarantine for a period of 10 days or until a time decided by other authorities (hygienic station, physician). In the event of a decision on the early termination of the accommodated person’s quarantine, the accommodated person must provide a copy of this document to the manager of the respective dormitory of the D&C UK. Furthermore, these persons are required to do the following:

- Not to leave the assigned quarantine room,

- Not to freely move in the common areas of the dormitory,

- To comply with the increased hygiene measures, especially washing hands,

- To use disposable paper bath or dish towels,

- To use a mask, mouthpiece, or other coverings for the mouth and nose.

III. Recommended quarantine

Persons who are recommended for quarantine by a physician or hygienic station will proceed in the same manner as persons in mandatory quarantine, i.e. they are required to announce their arrival to the accommodation office at least three (3) days before their planned arrival at the dormitory. The person may spend the quarantine:

a.) Primarily at their home residence (i.e. not at a dormitory of the D&C UK),

b.) At the dormitories of the D&C UK only in absolutely necessary and justified cases in specially reserved quarantine facilities.

If such persons are accommodated in a dormitory during a period of recommended quarantine, they are required to comply with all of the above-specified quarantine measures, including moving to a reserved accommodation facility.

IV. Quarantined room in a reserved facility of the D&C UK

At the dormitories of the D&C UK, housing capacities are reserved for persons who, for serious reasons, cannot spend quarantine time in their home environment. In quarantine rooms, all hygienic measures must be followed.

For reserved accommodation facilities – quarantine rooms:

1. The accommodated persons are separated into single rooms with bathroom and kitchenette facilities.

2. Temporarily accommodated persons in quarantine rooms do not pay an increased accommodation fee for a different accommodation facility.

V. Quarantine rules at the dormitories of the D&C UK

It is imperative to observe increased hygiene measures in the dormitories, especially the washing of hands. When it is necessary to be in contact with other persons, the persons in quarantine must wear a mask, keep a distance of a least two metres, avoid physical contact, and use sanitizers. Persons in quarantine are prohibited from entering the common areas of the dormitory (e.g. study room, canteen, kitchenette, etc.). Persons in quarantine may not visit other people and must not have any visitors. Persons in quarantine must monitor their health status. In the case of a health problem (coronavirus symptoms – temperature of 37.5 degrees, cough, joint pain, migraine, shortness of breath) or a deterioration in their health, they must immediately contact their physician and also the manager of the dormitory where they are accommodated. In the case of an acute problem, they must immediately call the extension 155.

Persons in quarantine discuss with the dormitory management the possibilities of arranging necessary shopping and food.

Persons in quarantine who must leave the dormitory (only in case of virus testing at a designated site) must always wear a mask or other covering for the nose and mouth, wash their hands carefully before leaving the room, or use disposable rubber gloves. They must keep a distance of at least two metres from other persons.

Prepared by: Mgr. Miroslava Hurdová

Distribution: Dormitory managers

more information of Directors Provision no.8/2020 you may find here

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