Release of coronavirus measures at dormitories

Release of measures taken due to coronavirus pandemic - timetable:

- Accommodation of CU students and applicants for study at CU: Since 27th April 2020 we do provide accommodation for students and applicants due to examinations, state exams and entrance exams.

- Until 17 May 2020, the state of emergency adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic applies. From 18 May 2020 (in the event that the state of emergency is not extended by the Government of the Czech Republic), persons accommodated in KaM UK dormitories with a valid Accommodation Agreement may receive short-term visits, ie.: the visit is not alowed sleep in the dormitory - just stay as short-term visit.

- By ending the state of emergency, the entry of 3rd person into the KaM UK dormitories is permitted.

- Accommodation for 3rd person (not a student or applicant for studies at CU), guests in dormitories, tourists is possible from 25th May 2020.

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