Arriving to Czech republic

Arrival procedure - check in in dormitories of Charles University

If you are aware of any facts that you will be not able to settle the deposit or arrive due to your arrival date set on the accommodation documents (this date is fix), please do not hesitate to contact us. If you arrive any other day as set on your accommodation documents, it may happen that your room will not be ready. For smooth check in please make sure to check in while office hours of our accommodation offices: If you would like to check in outside office hours, please let us know at least 3 days (72hrs) before your arrival.

What you need to bring with you for check in:

- Travel document (passport, ID, VISA)

- Accommodation voucher and Confirmation about the study at Charles University

- Covid-19 certificat - due to arrival regulations. Find more here

- 1x small ID picture for the dormitory ID (only for long term accommodation more than 1 week)

- Debit/credit card or cash (Czech crones only) to settle the outstanding amount for the first month rent (if there is any)

- If you do have, please bring your ISIC (even from your home university) – we will load you entry pass to dormitory on this card

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