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Actual information from 1st March 2021

1. Important notices

  • The government has declared the state of emergency. Find out more here. The rules are being tightened (with some exceptions), especially for:

    • wearing respirators and surgical drapes (the obligation to wear a surgical drape applies, a respirator is mandatory in selected places - especially public transport and shops),

    • free movement on the territory (from March 1st, 2021 ban on movement between districts - more for example here),

    • schools, kindergartens and children's groups will be closed.


  • As of March 1st, 2021, updated Ministry of Health protective measure regarding the conditions of entry to the Czech Republic will be effective. Information on the website will be updated accordingly. 

  • As of February 26th, 2021 it is not possible to travel to the countries with an extreme risk of COVID-19 transmission. This travel ban applies to the Czech citizens and foreigners living in the territory of the Czech Republic. Countries with an extreme risk of COVID-19 transmission are listed in the Ministry of Health Protective Measure (pdf, 41 kB).

source:, 1.3.2021

The conditions for entry of persons to the Czech Republic change with effect from Friday February 5th, 2021

These new rules apply both to arrivals of foreign nationals and to the returns of Czech citizens and residents to the Czech Republic. 

  • This change has been principally brought about in the reaction to the new and more infectious mutation of coronavirus and to the coordination at the EU level in this regard. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control rates in its report the current risk of community transmission within the whole Europe as very high and therefore calls for tightening travel measures, including limitation of non-essential journeys.

  • There is a new category of so-called dark red (high-risk) countries with the strictest epidemiologic measures applicable to journeys from this category. This means that there is the obligation to submit a first PCR test done 48 hours or less prior to the entry, followed by a second PCR test undergone in the Czech Republic at the earliest the 5th day from the entry. The self-isolation is obligatory until the second negative test result is submitted.

  • In case of journeys from orange and red countries, there is the obligation to submit an antigen or PCR test done 48 hours or less. In case of red countries, a person must likewise undergo a second PCR test in the Czech Republic (this can be undergone also earlier than the 5th day from the entry). The self-isolation is obligatory until the second negative test result is submitted.

  • There is the obligation to fill in the electronic Public Health Passenger Locator Form in case of journeys from all these categories of countries. The form will be checked along with the test at the entry to the Czech Republic. 

  • There will be exceptions applicable to these rules, especially in regard to the international transport and regular cross-border movement for the purpose of work, study and childcare.

  • The journeys of Czech citizens from the Czech Republic for other reasons than those absolutely essential continue to be strongly discouraged.

  • As of January 31st, 2021 there is in force a crisis measure to restrict free movement prohibiting all journeys of foreign nationals to the Czech Republic for other reasons than those absolutely essential.

  • The general rules are laid out in the table below. More detailed information will follow.


February 1st, 2021

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If your COVID-19 test is possitive do not hesitate to contact us immediately at: and we will provide you with all necessary information about next procedure.

- in case of any symptoms do not hesitate to contact your doctor or COVID-19 information hotline (dial 1221) is also available in English from anywhere in the Czech Republic on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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