Payment procedure - how to pay for dormitory deposit

Payment Procedure for Foreign Students Confirming Accommodation at the Halls of Residence at Charles University in the academic year 2023/2024

1. Once a request for accommodation at Charles University’s halls of residence has been accepted, the applicant is required to pay an accommodation reservation fee. The reservation is subject to a 2,100 CZK deposit plus a first monthly rent, which is 3,800 CZK, i.e. the total amount will be 5,900 CZK.

The payment for your dormitory place should be made as soon as possible, but not later than by 31st August 2023.

2. The above-mentioned deposit constitutes funds for paying the final month’s rent.

3. When accommodated at the halls of residence in Prague, Plzen or Hradec Králové,

use the following account number:


IBAN: CZ22 0800 0000 1930 9393 9319


Name and title of the account holder:

Univerzita Karlova

Koleje a menzy

Zvoníčkova 1927/5

Kolej Hvězda, blok A3

162 08 Praha 6

Name and address of the bank:

Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Veřejný a neziskový sektor

Budějovická 1518/13b

140 00 Praha 4

You must give the student’s name, surname, and date of birth in the message to the recipient of the payment. The student is liable for bank charges for crediting payment from an account held abroad. If the student does not cover these, the provider of the accommodation will charge these costs to the student’s account.

4. In the event that the deposit is not paid on 31st August 2023 or the payment cannot be identified, the student’s reservation will be canceled and Charles University’s halls of residence and refectories will be unable to guarantee accommodation. In such cases, students may only be accommodated in the university’s halls of residence if there are available rooms.

5. The voucher (confirmation of accommodation) you received from the Faculty’s study department is only valid if the deposit (see paragraph 1) is paid.

6. Accommodation at the Charles University halls of residence is governed by the internal Halls of Residence and Refectory rules, which are published at

7. On several occasions we've noticed that the payment method REVOLUT is not such an easygoing payment method.

Therefore we would like to ask you, to avoid, paying your dormitory payments by REVOLT. Please use any other payment methods! The best way is to use an officially licensed bank, which operates under the country's law and is under the supervision of the State National Bank.

If you are forced to use REVOLUT, please make sure, that you provide us with all the necessary information to recognize your payment. Do not forget to provide us with this information:

- Name and surname of arriving student.

- Variable symbol or day of birth.

- Any additional information will help us to recognize and personalize your payment.

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