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30 October 2020

Based on the recommendations of the Charles University (CU) crisis team and in view of the continuing tightening of preventive epidemiological measures, and the fact that the relaxation of these measures cannot be expected in the near future, the management of Charles University and CU Dormitories and Canteens (DaC) hereby amends the rules for the accommodation of students at CU dormitories as follows, with effect from 1 November 2020:

1. In view of the current situation, applicants for accommodation may move in at any time during the postponed period, according to their own discretion. Existing reservations will not be cancelled and will remain valid until 31 December 2020. Following signature of an Accommodation Contract, resident students will start to pay dormitory fees from the day on which they move into the dormitory (from the day of check-in).

2. If a student has already paid their dormitory fees, but not yet moved into their accommodation, this sum will not be charged until the accounting period after they move into the dormitory.

3. If, despite the above, a student decides to cancel their reservation at their dormitory and not move in, their reservation will, following a written request, be cancelled without any sanction or penalty. The cancellation of a reservation without fee or sanction is conditional on the settlement of all unpaid debts with DaC CU.

4. Students accommodated in dormitories are still permitted to terminate their accommodation without fee or sanction at any time. The cancellation of an Accommodation Contract without fee or sanction is conditional on the settlement of all unpaid debts with DaC CU. (This paragraph is not applied by Erasmus students who have the possibilty to cover the standard cancellation fees from the vis major of the Erasmus programme at their home university)

5. Students are still permitted to move out of their accommodation facility (dormitory), while leaving their personal items in their place of accommodation (room, bunk). When leaving the dormitory, the student must leave their keys at the accommodation office, and their place of accommodation (room, bunk) will be sealed. From 1 November 2020 a 50 % discount on dormitory fees is provided until the student moves back into the dormitory. The student may not enter the premises of the dormitory during the period in which they have left their place of accommodation while leaving their personal items there.

6. Students who submitted a written request to leave their place of accommodation (room, bunk) prior to 15 October 2020 and have not moved back into the dormitory by 1 November 2020, and who wish to continue to leave their personal items sealed in their place of residence (room, bunk), shall receive a retrospective discount of 50 % on dormitory fees for the month of October.

We thank you for continuing to respect all enhanced quarantine measures and for behaving in a disciplined, responsible and considerate manner.

JUDr. Tomáš Horáček

Bursar of Charles University

Prague, 30 October 2020

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