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25 November 2020

This prohibition does not apply to:

- the presence in person of students at exams in groups of more than 10,

- participation in clinical and practical tuition and work experience, students in degree programmes in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other degree programmes related to healthcare, students performing practical pedagogical tuition and work experience in nursery, primary and secondary schools or educational facilities for the provision of institutional and protective education,

- participation in clinical and practical tuition and work experience with external entities,

- laboratory-based, experimental or artistic tuition in the final year of bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes with an attendance of no more than 20 students,

- study in doctoral programmes,

- individual consultations and individual visits to libraries for the purpose of receiving or returning study literature.


In relation to housing students in dormitories, the government has stipulated that it will continue even after 25 November 2020 to prohibit the housing of university students who have other residence in the Czech Republic in the accommodation facilities of universities, with the exception of students who have been assigned to work duties by the government in accordance with Act no. 240/2000 Sb., on emergency and crisis management and on changes to certain acts (the Emergency Act), as amended, with the new provision that the exception now applies to students who may participate in education in accordance with the above-stipulated points mentioned above.

Based on this newly established exception, it will be possible starting from 25 November 2020 for students to either take up residence in the dormitory (provided this residency has still been deferred) or to request to move in again and “unseal” their rooms. If a student requests to move in again no later than 30 November 2020, they will not be charged the full dormitory fee until 1 December 2020, regardless of whether or not the room was actually “unsealed” prior to this date.

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25th November 2020

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