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4 December 2020

Notice no. VIII

Basic information

Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic no. 1199 dated 20 November 2020, which is valid for the period 30 November 2020 12 a.m. to 12 December 2020 11:59 p.m., was supplemented with a new resolution, Resolution no. 1263 dated 30 November 2020, which, with effect from 7 December 2020 12 a.m. to 12 December 2020 11:59 p.m., in relation to the operation of universities, stipulates that the personal attendance of students in instruction and examinations is prohibited if more than 10 people take part in an examination at the same time while studying at a university or participating in lifelong learning courses; whereas the ban on personal attendance of student under this point does not apply to:

a) Participation in clinical and practical instruction and training, students in the programmes of study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other medical degree programmes and students performing teaching practicums and training in nursery schools, elementary schools, and secondary schools or school facilities for carrying out institutional and protective education,

b) Participation in clinical and practical instruction and training that takes place at external entities,

c) Laboratory, experimental, or artistic instruction (omitted: in the last year) of Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes of study for attendance of no more than 20 students,

d) Studies in PhD programmes of study,

e) Individual consultations and individual visits to libraries for the purpose of receiving or returning study materials,

f) First-year students for attendance of no more than 20 students.


In the above-stipulated measure, the government has set out in relation to housing students in dormitories that it will prohibit the housing of university students who have other residence in the Czech Republic in the accommodation facilities of universities, with the exception of students who have been assigned to work duties by the government in accordance with Act no. 240/2000 Sb., on emergency and crisis management and on changes to certain acts (the Emergency Act), as amended, with the new provision that the exception now applies to students who may participate in education in accordance with the above-stipulated points (a), (b), (c), (d), or (f).

Starting on 7 December 2020, it will be possible for students who may now recommence studies to either take up residence in the dormitory (provided this residency has still been deferred) or to request to move in again and “unseal” their rooms. The dormitory fee will be charged in full on the day of moving in or upon the “unsealing” of the room.

Requests to physically vacate the dormitory while leaving personal belongings in a room that is “sealed” are only admissible in connection with the government-imposed quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Students who have used the option of “sealing” the room will be allowed repeated non-continuous stays in the dormitory for one, maximum two days during the examination period, in order to take examinations with the understanding that the full dormitory fee will be charged during these days of attendance. When the student leaves the dormitory, the room will be “sealed” again. In the event of any uncertainty, the student may be asked to prove that their stay in the dormitory is directly related to taking examinations.

If the ban on students staying in the dormitories is lifted by a government resolution and the relevant measures allow to a large degree the return to a standard full-time form of study, the option of leaving the dormitory with the simultaneous “sealing” of the room will be terminated, and the student will need to decide whether to return to the dormitory in full capacity or to terminate the accommodation contract without any sanctions.

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3 December 2020

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