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9 May 2023

1. If you are coming to Charles University as a new student, the faculty of the university you have decided to study at will arrange your accommodation reservation for you. Therefore, do not make your accommodation reservation directly with the Dormitories and Refectories of Charles University.

2. If you are a current student and already live in the dorms, please read carefully:

All rules for extending accommodation for the next academic year are the same as the rehos system:

a.) The student must be a university student and living in the dormitory

b.) In order to make a reservation for the 2023/2024 academic year, the student must have a valid reservation for the entire academic year, i.e. until September 13, 2023

- If the student has a reservation for accommodation only until 21.6.2023 - the accommodation will first be extended until 13.9.2023 and then a reservation can be made for the next academic year

- If the student is not interested in accommodation over the summer holidays - he/she must wait for the accommodation reservation from 1.6.2023. THIS RULE IS CONSISTENT WITH THE RULES OF THE CZECH STUDENTS.

accommodation offices contacts: here

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