Student residence Komenského


Kolej Komenského

Parléřova 6

169 00 Praha 6


+420 220388111 - exchange

+420 220516816 - reception,

+420 220516815 - accommodation office



Miroslava Hlavatková, Maryia Pishchukevich,

Office hours

Rooms - info.:

The student residence Komenskeho is in Prague 6 in a location that is ideal for seeing the sights of Hradčany, Petřín and Malá Strana districts. This facility offers single and double rooms with toilet, shower and kitchen - commen for too rooms as in like cell. In this building is possible to have a breakfast. In each floor is study room, on the ground floor there is a lounge with a grand piano, a new reading room, gym and laundry , billiards.

Vending machine for coffee, tea, sweets and drinks, at the reception selling baguettes.

Public transport

Tram. no. 22, 25 (270m)

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