Catering system

    The new catering system established since December 3, 2007

    Between December 2007 and March 2008, a new software system will be gradually established in all Charles University refectories, which will enable more effective way of ordering, selling and serving meals, and also the cashless payments.

    The catering system of Charles University refectories can be used by Charles University students and employees as well as other people and organizations. It’s necessary to create an account in the system (at the refectory’s cashbox). The right for membership in a subsidized group must be proven by Charles University ID card, registered by the cashbox assistant in the catering system. Other users must pay a deposit of 200 Czk, for which the cashbox assistant will give you a chip-based refectory card. You can also use a different compatible chip-based card that will be registered for free. Treat the card well – carry it in a plastic cover so you don’t have to take it out every time you use it; don’t bend or break it, and don’t expose it to a strong magnetic field or excess heat. Any potential losses must be immediately reported in a refectory cashbox, so the card is blocked against misuse. Once the catering is over, the user must apply for cancelling the account, and give the card back. Upon return, the deposit of Czk 200 will be returned, unless the card is damaged. For a damaged card, the deposit doesn’t return.

    ID cards that can be used to take meals

    We hereby kindly ask Charles University employees and students to apply for these cards sufficiently in advance. The cards are issued by the Information and Consulting Center of the Charles University in Prague, Celetná Street, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and ICC branches in Pilsen and Hradec Králové. Detailed information on the points of delivery is published at on the ICC links.

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