• Student and employee accounts for catering in the Charles University refectories are pre-charged. Students and employees must keep sufficient balances on their accounts which are continuously used to pay for the meals and other products in the buffets. The accounts are charged in cash and non-cash (by credit card).

    • The payments are collected in the main refectory cashboxes. If situation permits, they can be also done in buffets, auxiliary refectory cashboxes, or in the dormitory receptions. To charge his/her account, a student must present his/her Charles University ID card; the minimum amount is 200 Czk.

    • Other customers can use two ways for pay for the catering: either cards bought in the catering offices (which enables them to use the ordering system), or cash and non-cash (by credit card).

    We hereby kindly ask Charles University employees and students to apply for these cards sufficiently in advance. The cards are issued by the Information and Consulting Center of the Charles University in Prague, Celetná Street, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and ICC branches in Pilsen and Hradec Králové. Detailed information on the points of delivery is published at on the ICC links.

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