Information on the catering in the Charles University refectories and points of delivery

    Charles University Dormitories and Refectories offer the catering services for Charles University students and employees, and, if there’s free capacity, also for anyone else. The meals are served in the refectories and points of delivery.

    The refectories and points of delivery offer at least 4 types of meals. The offer consists of the Czech cuisine, specialties and sautés.

    The ordering, preparation and serving of meals are ensured using the state-of-the-art technology, and comply with Decree No. 137 on hygienic requirements for catering services. The refectory team prepares over 5,000 meals every day, from breakfasts via lunches to cold dinners.

    In addition to catering for university students and employees, the Charles University Dormitories and Refectories also offer meals for the public as well as other organizations, and provide catering for the participants of conferences, seminars etc. For detailed information, ask the gastronomy manager of Dormitories and Refectories, or the managers of refectories.

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