Delivery of meals

    Delivery of ordered meals

    The information on the type of meal is available at the information panel placed next to the entrance to the refectory.

    • Upon presenting the card against the scanner, a sound signal beeps and the type of the ordered meal is displayed on the screen, together with the information on the user;

    • If no meal was ordere or the ordered meal is delivered at a different scanner, or it has been already delivered, the screen will display an error message;

    • The card must also be presented at the cashbox at the student refectory – the meal will, of course, be charged only once. At the same time, you also pay for the non-ordered meals.

    Non-ordered meals

    • Also non-ordered meals can be bought in Charles University refectories

    • To pay for these meals, you can use a card registered in the system, either at the combined point of delivery (press the relevant button and use your card to confirm your choice), or at the cashbox at the point of delivery.

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